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John Kaasgaard (male 54 years old)

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Work: Over the years mainly Platform- & System architecture leading to high quality, easy distributable re-usable building blocks. Over the years moved up and down the ladder several times – from hardcore embedded developer over product developer to systems architecture … Ex.: Have been tech.lead for full BT (hw+sw) impl on GSM handset. I have generated and driven new business areas for eg. B&O. I have successfully started (& re-started) development teams in several companies. I have the pleasure of making a complete development process (business->req->dev->test->delivery) – for full sw&hw dept. Contributed to successful scalable, product architecture for mass production products. Transferred technology, people and knowledge from external to internals – as well as the opposite way! Successfully driven and handled COTS purchase: NDAs and legal stuff, price/volume negotiation and done tech scouting for dedicated embedded areas! Single point of contact. Whether its integration, migration, reverse-engineering, optimizations, performance analysis or just basic support, feature expansion or debugging …

Experience from 'machines' as well as humans gathered during more than 30 years hands-on, with solutions based in the field of SW and HW, system design & development, management and deployment.

Industries/Domains: Broad range of industries: Ranging from medico(prototypes) to Telecom (exchange & handsets), automotive(NOX reduction), industry, aeronautic, satcom, consumer audio/video, MF/HF & VHF radio systems. As well as robotics in manufacturing.

Process: Process designer (development process), Unittesting(CPPUnit), system testing, Continuous Integration, Jenkins, Make-or-Buy strategies for COTS sw, agile/SCRUM oriented. Lowlevel debugging as well as simulation. Root cause and performance analysis. Worked with “Design Patterns” & “Architecture patterns”.

Tools: ClearCase/ClearQuest, Git, Jira, BitBucket, IAR workbench, GCC, Wireshark, SourceInsight… primary windows platform. Knows my ways around a logic-analyzer, an osc scope, welding, & power supply. Debuggers like J-Link, Lauterbach.

Protocols/applications within tcp/ip, G2/G3/G4 little IoT, Bluetooth, 802.15.4, GSM, DECT, MQTT, M2M eSIM, Modbus, GENI, SPI, IC2, LINbus and CAN. Traffic analysis, Deep Packet Inspection, little MLA/AI. DSP algorithm for eg voice and en- & decryption.

HW: all type of digital lower layers drivers. CPU’s: Renesas, Atmel, ARM. Experienced schematic viewer too! Supplier evaluation of IoT’s datamodems.

SW: Mostly C/C++. But operates also in various scripting tools, as well in python, java, assembler. Many OS/RTOSs: ThreadX, FreeRTOS, µC-OS, propriety OSs. eCOS and a bit Linux Embedded. Also 3’rd part stacks for FileX, NetX, USBx, SDCard, memory managers. 

Other: Adv. Internet security & hacking(Master-IT). Private hold one-man company.

Characteristics & Social skills: known as humoristic, on-the-ground, enthusiastic and good critical listener.
Rather quality than speed. Rather think twice than do twice! First movers do not necessarily mean best-movers(best solution)! Better smart than hard. Less is beautiful and so is simple! Means, I’m loyal to the decisions though I could challenge part of it. I’m ‘lazy’ à so if you can buy it – buy it! Total Cost of Ownership always matters! It must always be re-usable and maintainable.
Motto: “no one is perfect – but a team can be!”

Interests: Rides mountain bike, looks basket and do private development projects… Studying Master-IT, participating in ERFA groups, following legislations related to “General Data Protection Regulation “ DK:“PersonDataForordning” and various attempt to strengthen data- & product security by legislations related to process, to companies and their products.


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