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WCET - Worst Case Execution Timings Calculator

WCET Calculator & Analyser

WCET ??? Well well ... this is commonly known as the Worst Case Execution Time - needed for any system, task or ISR, single- or multi threaded, RTOS or not ...
Its important to know your general timing in order to comply to the timings- & system behaiviour.

It's used for estimation/predicting/calculating timings conflicts on a running multi thread system. Systems with many parallel interrupts, systems with eg a RTOS, cyclic task execution and much more down that road.

Multi thread is here multiple tasks, interrupt services, hardware- & software interrupts (some calls it hard & soft realtime).

Here we will present THE MOST WANTED TOOL by any developer handling time critical applications!
It's not for embedded people onlyLaughing, it can be used by server people, windows- & embedded people, application- and stack developers ...

This tool has a way lower cost than those other tools doing deep analysis on the executions (assempler instruction point of views) - Why ???
Well firstly because you bring your insights of the applications behaiviour, secondly you measure and bring the measurements into our tool. Thirdly, we is not depending on your CPU architecture, your selected CPU or has any other execution dependencies.  

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