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Protocol Analyser Tool - GENI & ModBus

GENIBus, ModBus,  'Any' analyser tool

A commandline tool for analyzing the following protocols

  • GENIBus        Grundfos A/S – pumps and controllers.Article Images: protocolparseroverview.png
  • ModBus         
  • GateWay         My own brew.
  • SPI/I2C           serial protocol to typ. Mem chips and I/O expanders.

It is a small attempt on a generic protocol analyzer, where new modules for other protocols easily can be added within the current structure. Utilizing existing features and processing.

PCO - Point-of-Control-and-Observation

PCO - Point of Control and Observation.

Its a feature with which you can inject and monitor internal communication on a running system.

Article Images: prj_pco_figure-1.gif

GSTE - Generic System Test Environment

GSTE - Generic Test System Environment

Generic test system uses various mechanisme for messages on a running system. Its especially good for testing hardware related I/O stuff. Peer-2-peer.

It is a complete test engine but it could also be implemented on your product for testing eg. your hardware and software implentations.

Article Images: testsystem-1.gif

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