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JoKaBot - Home build from scratch


One of my own developed robot …

Article Images: robotics1.jpg

Footprint analysis (RAM & ROM & MIPS)

Footprint analysis (RAM & ROM & MIPS)

Analysis of the expected memory consumption on RAM & ROM can be done quite early in the projects. Sometime this is very critical for CPU choise, other times its the MIPS usage that counts.

Here is a more advanced excel sheet I have been working on during the last 10 years - improving and improving ... Now been used in the last 4-5 companies I have been working in.

SW Feature - Assert, exceptionhandler, Logging, printf etc

SW Feature - Assert, Exceptionhandler, Logging, printf etc

Article Images: prj_assertexceptionhandling-1.png

ERMT - Embedded Resource Management System

ERMS – Embedded Resource Management System

Example on simple resource management system – for a menu management system or traditional resource alloc/free.

Article Images: prj_resourcemngt_signalling.gif        Article Images: prj_resourcemngt_modules1.gif

MMI - Simple Embedded Menu System

MMI - Simple Embedded Menu System

I can hear your thinking - Another “simple menu manager” huh?!?!  – But read on ... 
Look at teh essentials ... 

Article Images: prj_simplemenumngtsystem1.gif Article Images: prj_simplemenumngtsystem2.gif

Circular buffer - with unittests

SW Circular buffer - with unittests

Simple circular buffer system - with cppunit test

Raspberry Pi - projects

Raspberry Pi - Projects

Updating my web sites

Updating my web sites ...

Protocol Analyser Tool - GENI & ModBus

GENIBus, ModBus,  'Any' analyser tool

A commandline tool for analyzing the following protocols

  • GENIBus        Grundfos A/S – pumps and controllers.Article Images: protocolparseroverview.png
  • ModBus         
  • GateWay         My own brew.
  • SPI/I2C           serial protocol to typ. Mem chips and I/O expanders.

It is a small attempt on a generic protocol analyzer, where new modules for other protocols easily can be added within the current structure. Utilizing existing features and processing.

SW Profiler tool

Software Profiler Tool

Simple spoken it a stop watch – measuring timing from point-to-point, on your choice. Or simply a tool measuring your memory usage on the fly, keeping trackrecord of a running systems resource demands.

Article Images: stopwatchoverview.png

Client/Server & Threads demo

Client/Server & Threads demo.

A very small Client/server demo. With real code and likeSmile

An example on threads handling is also available.

AVR Bootloader and sample code

AVR Bootloader() & SimpleMain()

Arbitrary Signal Generator (ASG)

Arbitrary Signal Generator (ASG)

A small signal generator. Capable of making sinus, square, saw(), triangle, sweep, PWM, one-shoot and hopefully more.

It should be possible - using UART PC communication - to program, upload various signal definitions.

SOHO - Workbench Testing Tool

SOHO Workbench Tool.


Test generator for your workbench

PCO - Point-of-Control-and-Observation

PCO - Point of Control and Observation.

Its a feature with which you can inject and monitor internal communication on a running system.

Article Images: prj_pco_figure-1.gif

GSTE - Generic System Test Environment

GSTE - Generic Test System Environment

Generic test system uses various mechanisme for messages on a running system. Its especially good for testing hardware related I/O stuff. Peer-2-peer.

It is a complete test engine but it could also be implemented on your product for testing eg. your hardware and software implentations.

Article Images: testsystem-1.gif

GIG - Generic Interface Gateway

GIG - Generic Interface Gateway

Embedded gateway or mirror function, fast, reliable, low performance requirements ...

Article Images: prj_gateway_arch1.gif

Zero fault analysis

Zero fault analysis.

System/technics for analyzing and predict zero-fault conditions on a electronic product or module.

Article Images: zerofault_schema.gif

UDAMCS - User Downloadable Application on Mision Critical Systems

UDAMCS - User Downloadable Application on Mission Critical Systems.

Special RTOS rework, mainly designed for GSM, Special audio products, and SRO anlæg (Styring- Regulering & Overvågning).

Article Images: criticaluserappl.gif

ERMT - A spin for a better world!

Requirement management in the embedded world !



The intelligent gateway for your home, your home appliances interconnection ... checkout http://www.housebox.dk

Having access to the Internet this device becomes a member of the exploding club - IoT or Internet Of Things.

The big cloud, services associated and Big Data are here!

What to use it for ... well time will show!

Linux server setup

Linux Setup - Samba,ftp, mail and cvs servers

(good old days...)

Generic API for HW & SW

Generic API for HW & Various SW layers

Article Images: swreusability_vs_efforts.gif

Company risk management

Company risk management (Treats vs Risk) 

Article Images: riskmanagement.gif

Account System

An account system I made for a company

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