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Protocol Analyser Tool - GENI & ModBus

GENIBus, ModBus,  'Any' analyser tool

A commandline tool for analyzing the following protocols

  • GENIBus        Grundfos A/S – pumps and controllers.Article Images: protocolparseroverview.png
  • ModBus         
  • GateWay         My own brew.
  • SPI/I2C           serial protocol to typ. Mem chips and I/O expanders.

It is a small attempt on a generic protocol analyzer, where new modules for other protocols easily can be added within the current structure. Utilizing existing features and processing.



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Having access to the Internet this device becomes a member of the exploding club - IoT or Internet Of Things.

The big cloud, services associated and Big Data are here!

What to use it for ... well time will show!

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