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Breaking News   We are now starting to release samples of our WCET simulator tool for selected customers!


Articles - Here you will find my projects and of cause articles too.

News - is more for ... hehe news.

Links - links of my and others interests.

Im currently working on updating various older tools and adjusting/implementing this completely new designed site layout - using phpfusion.


Tools like commandline interpretator, wcet tool, protocol log parser, software profiler tool. But also the embedded simple menu manager.

Have applied stuff describing IOT, debugging and various other technical parts ...


Stay tuned Cool

Things on the radar

Things On The Radar...

What I have in the draft folders and idea box ...


Embedded Tracer System

Tracer system, configurable compiletime as well as runtime wise. Dedicated for an embedded target.

Output could be of any sort or event handling.
From TRACER(__functions__, __line__)  to the very advanced one with additional informations. The idea is having as little as possible transport and trigger mechanisme ...

For optimal visual effects and even analysis a PC tool collecting and viewing the trace is required!

Tools used

Standard Tools used in an embedded developer world (@PC/windows & Linux)

SW Feature - Assert, exceptionhandler, Logging, printf etc

SW Feature - Assert, Exceptionhandler, Logging, printf etc

Article Images: prj_assertexceptionhandling-1.png

ERMT - Embedded Resource Management System

ERMS – Embedded Resource Management System

Example on simple resource management system – for a menu management system or traditional resource alloc/free.

Article Images: prj_resourcemngt_signalling.gif        Article Images: prj_resourcemngt_modules1.gif

MMI - Simple Embedded Menu System

MMI - Simple Embedded Menu System

I can hear your thinking - Another “simple menu manager” huh?!?!  – But read on ... 
Look at teh essentials ... 

Article Images: prj_simplemenumngtsystem1.gif Article Images: prj_simplemenumngtsystem2.gif

GIG - Generic Interface Gateway

GIG - Generic Interface Gateway

Embedded gateway or mirror function, fast, reliable, low performance requirements ...

Article Images: prj_gateway_arch1.gif

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