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Objectives – The actual goal – the application – What to do


Role models - description

Various models is intended to be developed!
Its here you will find a description on the various application which a robot will make action according.
But first we divide the various aspects in various groups

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Figure 1 Primary areas of interests


Example on various applications

Single robot

Search for a specified object

  • Find Fire
  • Find Heat
  • Find Sun
  • Track a line
  • Find charger
  • Find IR beacon

Go-To-a-Point (movement based on algorithms, on time or ?)

  • Distance, Positions
  • calculation (via Sonar)
  • Find ‘LPS’ Local Position System

Behaviour relations

  • Simple manoeuvring (forward, backward, right, left etc etc)
  • Remote controlled
  • Docking for charging

Multiple robot


  • War J
  • Follow-Me
  • Football team


Application : Simple Basic Operations (forward, reverse, turn etc)

This is basic manoeuvre activity, which is fundamental for the future robot’s behaviours, Actually this is vital for all robot applications.

Basically this involves operation of the motor circuitry, the switches attached to the front (and rear if any) … but also more hidden functionality like watchdog, memory, CPU, and much more like this …


Application : “Walking the line”

This robot will track a pre-defined line (located on the floor), and walk along this line till it ends

A line is defined as a black line of a specified width, on a white background!

Detection is done by a single sensor which will pendle from side to side – on the black line.

Remember that the line could be white as well as black !  Select the most used !



Application : Find Home n’ Charge

Where is the charger located … find it … and charge our batteries


Application : “Bounce” robot

The “Bounce” robot is a robot that bounces every time obstacles are meet!

Article Images: jokabot_appl_bounce.gif



Application : Track n’ Attack

This will track any other robot, and attack em’.

Tracking could be using IR, movement detection or recognition by distance detection,



Application : Find fire

This application will track fire (candle) and fight this using a propeller motor.



Application : Find way through a maze

a MAZE is a matrix, with walls, and holes to walk through ….


This maze-walker is constructed in the following way:

  1. If there is not a wall on the right hand side, then turn the robot to the right
  2. If there is not a wall to the front of the robot, then move the robot one cell forward
  3. If step 1 and 2 isn't executed, then turn the robot to the left.
  4. Continue steps 1->3 until robot is at the finishing line/position, then stop



Mechanics is a

q       simple flat square (circular?) base plate with 2 step motors, and a passive front wheel. It might become handy to have two plate (good for indoor usage, no obstacles)

q       or a platform built on a tank with belts (both indoor and out door, small to medium obstacles).

  Battery is a 6, 9.6 or 12 voltage lead accumulator used eg. in MC’s and like. Intentions are also on using std NiCD used by various RC cars and like.

Experienced robot developers say’s U need minimum 24 Volt for out door terrain usage!


Physical look – the basis platform

The platform it self may have many various shapes : elipse, square, circular,  rectangular depending on the application it should support.


Aspects to consider when designing …

Motor aspects  

Many aspects is connected to the fact that relates to the motors chosen :

1.        How quick should it run ?

1.1.      Walking

1.2.      Slow

1.3.      Medium

1.4.      Fast

2.        Which technology ?

2.1.      Wheel

2.2.      Belt,

2.3.      Legs

2.4.      Boat or plane

3.        steering method

3.1.      like a car

3.2.      like a tank

3.3.      plane

3.4.      like a ?

4.        Analoge or digital

4.1.      proportional or

4.2.      ‘full-swing’

5.        How precise?

5.1.      exact

5.2.      just about

5.3.      or none requirements

6.        Feedback requirements

6.1.      tacho

6.2.      distance (step’s)

6.3.      other


7.        How power full ?

7.1.      micro

7.2.      small

7.3.      medium

7.4.      Large

7.5.      Huge




Battery aspects

Operation Time



Power consumption



Motion aspects


Just roll



Movement (speed vs precision) aspects



Other aspects … eg.: Survival aspects (war fighter, moon explorer, critical mission and so on)  


A fast moving, flexible, quick re-action …



The actual robot platform may look like this …

Article Images: jokabo_robottopview1.gif



Hardware (Electronics)

MCU is an AVR platform. Based on a STK500 kit since this has much Flash (32-64-128 future 256 K PROM) and for the moment enough onboard RAM. 
I/O expander is for the moment not required. But could easily be applied!

Motor controlling circuitry is based on a simple though effective known H-bridge controller chip set! This features usage of step motors and standard free-running DC motors.

  The robot should be capable to operate at leased for 1 hour without recharging.

For this to succeed we need to high capacity batteries – one for the motor section and one for the control logic!


The following is a description on a small robot project. Where we step-by-step will integrate more and more functionality …


Basic Modules

The Basic platform controlling the robot contains the following components:

Article Images: jokabot_basicmodules.gif



Article Images: jokabot_robotcontrollerboard-1.gif


Motor visual control/status LED :

Article Images: jokabot_motorstatusled1.gif



The approach on developing a robotic platform (on SW as well as for HW) is to make utilize HAL (Hardware Adoption Layers) when ever applicable. This is done by using a general platform ... with proper abstractions levels .

Article Images: jokabot_hal_platformmotor1.gif





System design

Shortly: This chapter describes the overall system design – from a software perspective view.

We have previous looked at the over all requirements regarding movements, general behaviours (search, track-line, goto-base and so on), … so lets take this to a system design, and split things up in modules and tasks that can be implemented!

Article Images: jokabot_worldview1.gif


Worldview on the system



YES!    More to come ....

 Article Images: under-construction4.gif


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